Musical fireworks are perhaps the most romantic kind of pyrotechnic art.
Here the notes, chords and octaves in the dance are intertwined with pyrotechnic effects creating a refined pattern in the sky. Certain effects fly out in time with the music, musical runs and splashes are reflected in the visual picture.
Musical fireworks will be an irresistible finale to your holiday. which will give unforgettable emotions to the most sophisticated viewers!

Price € 61 538 Music Grigory Leps ``Life is Good``
Price € 53 846 Music Lindsey Stirling ``The Arena``
Price €46 153 Music Tina Turner ``The Best``
Price €46 153 Music Сalvin Harris «Under Control»
Price €30 769 Music All about us
Price €30 769 Music Tchaikovsky
Price €23 076 Music Roxette «Listen To Your Heart»
Price €23 076 Music Scryptonite ``Cosmos``
Price €23 076 Music Lana Del Rey «Young And Beautiful»
Price €23 076 Music Axwell. Shpov «Belong»
Price €18 461 Music ABBA «Happy New Year»
Price €15 384 Music Aerosmith «I Don’t Wans to Miss a Thing»
Price €15 384 Music Queen «The Show must go on»
Price €10 769 Music Tina Turner «The Best»
Price €10 769 Music Aerosmith «I Don’t Wans to Miss a Thing»
Price €9 230 Music Rondo Veneziano «Magica Melodia»
Price €7 962 Music Grigory Leps ``I'm happy``
Price €6 153 Music Imagine Dragons «Bad Liar»
Price €6 153 Music Dusk Till Dawn
Price €6 153 Music Bill Withers Lovely Day
Price €5 384 Music Polina Gagarina ``A Million Voices``
Price €4 615 Music Perfect Symphony
Price €4 615 Music Whitney Houston «I Will Always Love you»
Price €4 615 Music Michael Buble «Feeling Good»