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Our Success story

Dmitry and Svetlana are the founders of the project ``King Fireworks``

Before the joint project, everyone went their own way to monogamous success, everyone reached their peaks and experienced all the impermanence, seasonality, changeability of our business for themselves!

We have become leaders in our service sector, work with top venues for events, cooperate with most of the coolest organizers and presenters, organize author’s fireworks for many famous and media people!

Our customers are satisfied with us, our competitors hate us, the organizers value us as reliable and creative partners, they applaud us and shout “It was cool!!!” enthusiastic viewers…

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Main events


Private parties

There are no rules here! There is only a flight of the customer’s imagination, the fulfillment of all I want, a selection of all resources directly for the desire and possibilities of the launch site and the financial well-being of the...



Here it turns out who is cooler: in writing the script, selecting effects, seeing the picture, superimposing music and charging clarity. When competing with strong companies, you need to do everything flawlessly!


Social events and city holidays

More powerful calibers are already coming here, the fireworks should be visible from afar!


Birthday and anniversaries

Well, there is no limit to the flight of imagination.. very often fireworks are ordered as a gift by friends or girlfriends of the hero of the occasion


Corporate parties

We will create such a picture in the sky and on the ground, which will correspond exactly to your company. Corporate colors in effects, logos spelled out in pyrotechnic panos, and all this in time to the music that is important to you. Whether...



On one of the most important days in your life, we make an unforgettable ending that will remain in your memory for a long time

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Such responsiveness and professionalism as the employees of "King Fireworks" are very rare. We listened carefully to the wishes, and then developed and created a gorgeous fire show for the residents of our district. As the organizer of the event, I am impressed with such a professional approach.

Anton Matveev

On her husband's birthday, she wanted to arrange a surprise for him, and turned to the Royal Fireworks. They listened to all my wishes, and then created a simply enchanting show - with fireworks and various special effects. I will turn to them again for the next major event.

Irina Samokhina

I was organizing a concert for a rock band, and special effects are very important in this case. They advised me to contact King Fireworks, and it was the right choice. Smoke, fireworks, confetti – everything was in the highest class. Excellent specialists - thanks to them, the performance turned out to be very spectacular.

Inna Alekseeva
About the project

The mastermind of the project

Lukyanova Svetlana, General Director and mastermind of the project ``King Fireworks``

“We make the sky brighter!”

+7 (917) 585-12-12


Instagram: @king_fireworks

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