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Our Success story

Dmitry and Svetlana are the founders of the project ``King Fireworks``

Before the joint project, everyone went their own way to monogamous success, everyone reached their peaks and experienced all the impermanence, seasonality, changeability of our business for themselves!

Dmitry, a former top manager of a large company importing pyrotechnics for both domestic and professional purposes to the Russian market, is engaged in solving technical issues, selecting effects, creating a fireworks concept that will fit neatly into this or that event and will become a bright finale of any holiday.

Svetlana passed the school of life and knowledge of all the subtleties of the pyrotechnic business and communication with clients of any level and status from the very first steps, and with the help of natural perseverance, dedication, passion for the business she is engaged in and frenzied efficiency, mixed with incredible energy for several years, went from secretary to CEO of a large pyrotechnic company!

But both wanted more and most importantly wanted to see a partner who thinks the same way, sees the same way, and strives for the impossible!!!

A few years ago, their paths were destined to cross on one joint project and that’s it… They found in each other those qualities lacking for ideological and well-coordinated work and were no longer able to work separately! Thus was born a joint project under the majestic name “Royal Fireworks!!!

WE have become leaders in our service sector, work with top venues for events, cooperate with most of the coolest organizers and presenters, organize author’s fireworks for many famous and media people!

Our customers are satisfied with us, our competitors hate us, the organizers value us as reliable and creative partners, they applaud us and shout “It was cool!!!” enthusiastic viewers…

Because FIREWORKS ARE OUR LIFE!!! And we make the sky brighter!!!


About Us