Well? Take a breather and move on 😉
I like to set high standards for myself, to arrange projects like 'mission impossible', because they make it clear what I stand for, have I grown old, have I not softened, have I lost my former grip? It's like the wolf from Mowgli, who from time to time must go hunting and kill the biggest deer in order to prove to his fellow tribesmen that he can still do it!

And so I lightly took on this project for three salutes, knowing all the severity and gimor that awaits me .. but there was a lure .. salute from the roof of a high-rise building🤗 my old dream🤗🤗🤗 and since there are no those tasks, which is also very me I love it, it was possible to do it within the budget😉

But I have moved away from the essence Many people boast of big projects, grandiose and large-scale works, done by a team of professionals in the shortest possible time ... well, yes .. you are cool! But imagine the situation: I am alone, limited in mortars, and the launch equipment (my 120 channels of programmed remotes) is enough for a maximum of shooting across the horizon from the roof of a high-rise building, and this is in an unfamiliar country .. but there is a goal, I don’t see obstacles🤣👍 Said done. On December 24, I fit into the project, on December 25 I quickly distributed all current issues in Moscow and on 26 Welkom Iraq 😁 the country where you can buy Kalash on the market ($ 1000 new or $ 500 used 🤣🤣),carrying weapons here does not require any papers ... such a thing ... But I, like Akella from Mowgli, had to prove, not to anyone, but to myself, that I was still in the ranks and still that fighting unit !!!

I flew in, inspected the sites and into battle ... from the assistants on this earth, an IT specialist (huge respect, you are a great fellow), the Nepalese are like our Tajiks in order to carry, and drivers to carry, there were also welders and electricians, and they sometimes sometimes they were very useful .. because there are no coasters for singles, however, like the singles themselves, there are balls and a lot of household goods, but it is 90% 150-250 charging three-four minute boring boxes with weak effects😒

I had to look at the video of all the boxes for suitable effects, calculate what they are in the box in order to dismember them and figure out where to put the rest .. But this is not so bad that it took me 4-5 hours to write three programs in different locations.

It’s more interesting, because all this time was spent based on the nomenclature provided to me, and in fact, the start of charging many positions was gone. familiar effects on the computer, it’s not so scary, but when you have one of the very first biscuit consoles, where instead of a tag with a channel number there is a nodular letter, naturally the project scrolls in your head, and then a table of products with a sequence and delays falls on the sheet.

It is also difficult that one, there is no one to consult with, there are no additional eyes for double checking, this often helped out even before the moment of 'screwing up'.

Further difficulties awaited me with editing at each site on the launch day. I mentally set aside 3 hours for the separation and connection of each location and I still had 4 hours left, but .. as usual, something went wrong, and with this 'something' on the first site, the guy with the keys to the roof, first we they waited for him for 30 minutes, because we arrived at the wrong time and he left for lunch, then we waited another half an hour for him to close the roof, since the hotel staff are very inquisitive and will definitely be blown up ..😁 further worse .. I forgot to make an adjustment for time in the calculations, adjusted for the day of the new year and the fact that there will be traffic jams. .😳they were😒 then the barrier in the hotel on the second site did not want to open to enter the underground parking for unloading. and arranged (at this point my remotes under the 'at least some' picture was not enough, and now I was even glad about it)) Having given the program and detailed instructions on what, where and how, I let the guys go to the extreme point for connection.

And I started the process of 'AND RUN'😳💪🤣 350 BARS in one for spiders (who worked on manual ones will understand, for many years I have redone my manual remote controls, which are on the base 'just in case' under the pads and have already forgotten that It's like twisting the wires, and then diluting or isolating.This is, of course, a complete jerk😒😒 It seems to me that I assumed in advance that this adventurous project would not be easy to complete, just in case, I threw a set of 10 radio modules on 1 channel into my suitcase, and they really came in handy! !!

The time is 7 pm and it will take me clearly more than 3 hours to gather in the dark with a flashlight in one. The driver Sasha, who was solemnly appointed my assistant and pyrotechnician on the neighboring roof, was somehow not happy. But FSUs on delights and disappointment, it is necessary to make business! I muddied a couple of walkie-talkies at the hotel security, damn it, I looked at mine when I was going on a trip, but I thought there was a big project in Moscow and they would obviously be more needed here, but there was no time to go to buy.

In general, at 23:35 I gave Sasha (not a young man, not directly grasping the course of my thoughts and tasks on the fly) clear instructions on what to do and where to reap. Cool? Me too today, but then I didn’t trust him directly and my project, written polished and calculated, worked out completely from and to several times, can go like a vinaigrette 🤷‍♂️🤔😡 But it turned out well, I even said fuck it! And on all platforms! Freshly baked pyros shot the project almost 'like clockwork' on a piece of paper and a stopwatch, but I put what was supposed to work with a certain frequency or a clear delay on my consoles, prescribed a delay and set the activation from the first channel of the handbrake👍

All cool projects are assembled and worked out by a team of professionals on track equipment and with clear professional effects .. And you try to make the same project (even if it will be 10 times less) in one on the Stone Age consoles (but a bitch reliable like a Kalashnikov assault rifle), and with small and not so small difficulties throughout the project! I tried it and it turned out💪 three projects started into the sky synchronously at 0:00, and in general they went without jambs, I attribute not shooting 3-5 balls out of 350 at each point to the venerable age of the launch equipment. As a reward for my adventurous feat, I received all the laurels of the winner🏆 And once again I proved to myself that I can still, I can do more than many can☝️

One pyrotechnician, 4 days, three sites, climbing roofs, fucking with a breakdown of batteries, INSTALLATION AND CALCULATION OF A HORIZONTAL FIREWAY, connection of more than a thousand products and other joys of life,) The result - I am a great fellow !!!